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The Process

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The Process

Each one of our pieces is the genius of an artisan making no two exactly alike. Our terracotta & fibre artwork is handcrafted from a special blend of clay procured from various parts of India. Different clays are mixed in specific proportions depending on use for either sculptures, murals, or the potter’s wheel. The clay mixture is then left covered for days until it gains strength. The fibre sculptures are crafted individually too and moulded into the shape required.

Upon being sculpted or molded, the artifact is once again left to dry for a few days. Once it hardens, the piece is baked at over 1000 C in a wood-fired furnace. Finally, it is painted and given texture with special colors until the desired finish is achieved.

Though most of our artifacts are made of clay, they can be painted and textured in ways that give a distinctly different result. They can be brightly colored or subdued and natural, matte or shiny, or can be made to resemble brass, silver, leather, rosewood, teak wood, marble, limestone, granite, and much more. Some artifacts are given a weathered effect to replicate antiques.

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