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Our Philosophy & Mission

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Our Philosophy & Mission

At FloArt, our mission is two fold — to bring art to the masses so that it is no longer a luxury reserved for the elite and to provide a platform for underprivileged artisans so they that are motivated to continue the legacy of their ancestral trade.

Even today, the common man perceives art as an extravagance afforded by the privileged. And for a reason — art and artifacts have an expensive reputation due to unreasonable mark-ups by retailers and the layers of middlemen who all take a commission in the process of bringing it from the hands of the artisans to the final consumer. Artifacts available at boutiques and galleries have gone through a 5-10 layer supply-chain, thus pushing mark-ups to as high as 500%! Obviously, the ordinary customer is discouraged and the craftsman suffers in the bargain. Little wonder then, that many indigenous craftsmen have begun to disappear, with younger generations opting for lucrative professions instead of continuing their familial legacy.


FloArt’s mission is to preserve these age-old skills by caring for the welfare of these disadvantaged artisans. We bring this goal to fruition by recruiting talent, training them in modern techniques, exposing them to contemporary ideas, thus making them more marketable, paying them fair wages to keep them motivated, and providing them with a platform to sell their craft. We strive to disprove the myth that anything which is beautiful has to come expensive by bridging the gap between the craftsman and the marketplace.

Our philosophy is built on recruitment, revival, encouragement, and empowerment.

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