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Q : What are prices of FloArt Products?
A : Our prices vary depending on whether the product is for export, purchase within India, wholesale or retail. For pricing information please email or call us with details. If you like a specific product, please be sure to mention the product number. Also specify the destination and preferable mode of dispatch.

Q : How do I order FloArt merchandise?
A : Since our products are individually crafted per the client’s need, we do not have e-commerce functionality. But ordering over the phone/email is equally easy. You can either call us at +91-2692-230669 between 10:00 and 19:00 hrs IST or email us at You can also fill out the inquiry form on this website. Please be sure to mention the type of product you’re interested in (preferably reference a product no.)

Q : How will my order be sent to me?
A : Your order can be picked up at our gallery or couriered nationally. International orders can be sent by air, ship or cargo post. Market shipping rates will apply.

Q : Can I ship my order to an international location?
A : Yes, at FloArt we will send your purchase anywhere in the world whether it’s for yourself or a gift for someone. We will send your purchase by air, ship or cargo post depending on your preference and budget. The market freight charges from our gallery to destination will apply.

Q : What is the average delivery time for a FloArt Product?
A : Though timely delivery is our competency, there are several reasons as to why deliveries of terracotta products cannot be rushed and may take between 2-8 weeks:
Most products are custom-made per your taste.
Terracotta production is affected by seasonal changes i.e. artifacts require a natural drying period before they can be furnace-fired; a process that takes longer during monsoons.
Mostly all of our processes starting from procuring the raw material to packing are manual and require the craftsman's dedicated attention.

Q : What kind of packaging will be used for my ordered products?
A : Great care is taken to package items well for transit. Every item is placed in a plastic bag, then bundled between layers of paper shreds and then placed in a hard corrugated box. Wherever appropriate, items are packed in individual boxes before placing them in a bigger carton.

Q : How do I check on an order I placed at FloArt?
A : Once you place an order at FloArt we will provide you with a delivery date. We will contact you upon completion and confirm shipping details. We will send you confirmation on how and when it will be sent, and if required will send you the documents needed to acquire your purchase.

Q : How come my ordered product does not look exactly like the picture?
A : Each product is the handwork of an artisan and there are bound to be minor difference in structure, texture, color, and style. As we said earlier, what makes our products unique is that no two are exactly alike! Yes, if you order from a particular photo, we try our best to make an exact replica, and usually differences are not noticeable.

Q : How can I return or exchange my merchandise?
A : At FloArt our first priority is a satisfied customer. If you change your mind after purchasing product, bring it to us and we will gladly exchange it for something of equal value. (This applies to articles brought from the gallery; our retailers and agents have their own policies.)

Q : How do I care for my FloArt Product?
A : Our products are easy to care for and need little maintenance. Frames, murals and sculptures can be first wiped gently with a damp cloth followed by a dry one. Garden decorations can be washed with a low-intensity hosepipe.

Q : How do I get an item repaired?
A : At FloArt our first priority is customer service. If your FloArt purchase has met with an accident, bring it to us and we’ll repair it for no or little charge.

Q : Does FloArt have a training program?
A : We are currently working very hard to train underprivileged artisans so they can earn a livelihood. Therefore we are not able to offer an official training program or courses for others.

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